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The first question is… Where?

One of the beautiful things about Florida is its diversity and the people. The spirit and vibe of each region and even within a city can be very different. Some areas are more artsy, some are more refined, some are relaxed and low-key, others are vibrant and active. The beachfront and sands are different all across the state and the beach communities vary from quaint small towns to large vibrant cities. 

The next question is…You

Who are you and what is your lifestyle? You might want to live on or close to a golf course, a lake or waterway for easy boating, or close to the Central Florida attractions. Proximity to nature trails, beaches or parks can weigh in on your decision. Do you enjoy walks on the beach, soft sand, hard sand, driving beaches, less crowded beaches, shelling, surf fishing? Perhaps you are looking for a good investment opportunity in growing areas. A vacation home, winter home or full time home? Easy access to airports (international or private), highways, or more rural?

Work with the #1 Florida Beach Expert

  • Florida and Beach Property Consultant for buyers, sellers, builders, and realtors.
  • Registered Real Estate Agent for over 15 years, now offering Consultant Services and Referrals to the Top Real Estate Professionals and New Home Communities.
  • Extensive knowledge of local communities throughout the state without bias to any specific region.
  • Vetted network of builders, new home communities, realtors and agents across the state.
  • Expertise in Beach Communities, Luxury Homes, Moving to Florida, and Investment Properties.
  • Ongoing Research on growing areas and trends in Florida.

More Fun Facts

  • I have walked a mile on every beach in Florida.
  • I have collected the beach sand and have a collection that showcases the different sands across the Sunshine State.
  • I created a beach holiday: Walk in the Sand Day
  • I am a Native Floridian who has lived in many regions in this beautiful and diverse state.
  • I am an author who has been writing about Florida communities and life in Florida for 30+ years.
  • I thrive on doing marketing, research and analysis to help you make informed decisions.

Find the perfect location for your beachfront, waterfront, lakeside or luxury home and start living your dream lifestyle.

Florida Beach & Luxury Homes Expert

Patti Tarell
Real Estate Consultant & Referral Agent
FL #3035758

Welcome Live by the Water, where I serve as the pivotal link connecting real estate buyers, sellers, agents and builders.

Let me be your guide

Florida offers unparalleled opportunities in waterfront, beachfront, and luxury real estate. As your dedicated referral agent, I specialize in these prestigious markets and bring a wealth of knowledge to ensure a seamless connection between discerning buyers, sellers, expert agents and builders.

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Why start with me?

Working with a referral agent is like having your own personal consultant and human resources department. My job is to listen to you and your needs, priorities and timeline and match you with a professional pre-screened agent who will best assist you in the transaction. 

I have met so many people who move to a location just because they vacationed there, a friend told them about it, or because it was promoted in their state. Then they get there, and it isn’t exactly what they wanted.

The reason, the various areas of Florida have different personalities, vibes and things to do. Finding the right one that fits your needs before moving to Florida is essential for living a happy balanced lifestyle. Every agent across the state loves their region and communities. They will tell you all the great things about their location because for them and many others, it is the best! But it may not be the best for you, your situation or your lifestyle.

I listen, learn, and help you find the ideal Florida agent or new home community in the location that fits your lifestyle and I stay connected to be sure everything goes smoothly. In the realm of Florida and/or beach real estate, I am an expert who has a complete rounded knowledge of every corner of the state and I leverage my extensive network of trusted professionals to elevate your experience and make home buying and selling easier.

I provide advice and guidance that helps you make the most informed real estate decisions, without personal bias or conflict of interest. 


My Role as a Consultant/Referral Agent

My role is to provide you unbiased research and information on communities across the state, advise you based on your needs and specific situation, and then connect you with the best real estate agent in the city or region that fits your lifestyle and will make Florida living spectacular for you. I am a consultant and I do not get involved in any transactions. 

Real Estate Agent Role

A real estate agent’s role is to perform the business transactions of buying or selling a property. They negotiate on your behalf, handle the agreements and help close the sale, but do not offer advise on the purchase or location. They’re familiar with local real estate laws, rules and regulations and can guide you through the process from finding a property to closing the deal. 

Any location

Any community

Any price point

I make the process of home buying and selling easier on you.

Selling Your Home?

With my extensive network of professionals, you do not have to worry about choosing the right realtor to represent you. Everyone in my network is professional, experienced, and have outstanding communication and marketing skills. I also add my content marketing skills to all of the agents in my network when you list your home with them to assist in presenting and showcasing your property on one of my blogs. With my community expertise and online content media sites, your house will be in front of the most qualified buyers.

The question I get asked the most

Why can’t you list my property or show me properties?

I am a licenced agent who functions as a consultant and referral agent. I provide research and community expertise across the state but do not perform the business transactions of buying and selling real estate.

As a professional online marketer, travel, beach, culture, and lifestyle enthusiast, my focus is on you, your lifestyle, and your situation and helping your find the best place for your real estate purchase. My knowledge is without bias as I love every corner of the state!

My extensive network of realtors and builders in all of the regions in Florida have more expertise in the transactional duties of buying and selling real estate and I personally vet every one of them before connecting you to be sure you are getting someone who has the time, professionalism, knowledge and experience to take the worry and stress off of you. If you’re looking to buy or sell a house, working with a real estate agent you know you can trust and is endorsed by me, will make the home buying or selling experience what it should be. A happy transaction.

Relax and Let me Take Care of Guiding you to the Best of the Best in both lifestyle and real estate professionals

My focus is on the places, the communities, the cultures, the people, and providing you connections to the best of the best. You are taken care of and can relax knowing you are in good hands and I am always here to answer your questions and help you learn more about your new community.

Want to join my professional real estate network?

Full service real estate agents, get in touch to get pre-screened and join my network and let me drive leads your way. My clients are serious about buying or selling and I’m looking for the best of the best in regions across Florida and Beach properties across the U.S. and International. Get in touch and let’s connect!